Reshaping the Standard

for Catheter Performance

Empowering Electrophysiologists to care for their patients with products that exceed expectations.

Upgrade your basic toolkit with modern devices that allow you to:

Easily reach difficult anatomical areas and small structures


  • Guide-Tip™ 3.3/4F catheters
  • CS Reach™ catheter

Perform precise movements to map efficiently


  • Offers flexibility, torquability and pushability
  • Smooth deflection

Navigate consistently throughout the full procedure


  • Catheters hold their shape and maintain torqueability and pushability through the procedure
  • PV catheters with tight curves and more than 180o deflection


Advantages of the APT EP Map-iT® Catheters

Reflow Shaft Construction

APT EP Map-iT® Catheters are manufactured using a proprietary composite catheter shaft technology. The inner and outer shaft layers are melded together during manufacturing locking the wire braiding. The resulting composite structure gives:

  • Shape retention and consistent performance even during long procedures.
  • The various layers of the APT EP Map-iT® catheters are seamlessly fused together, securely fixing the wire braiding and structural components in place.
  • Soft (non-braided) atraumatic tip may reduce the chance of perforations or inducing arrhythmias.
  • Allows for design of smaller diameter catheter configurations with performance of larger Fr. sizes.

Electrode Attachment Process

Proprietary electrode attachment technique without use of polyurethane glue to seal the edges brings the shaft material level with the electrodes.

Benefits include:

  • Smooth electrode-shaft transition to help prevent snagging.
  • Provides outstanding electrode-tissue contact for excellent signal quality.
  • May help prevent catheter entrapment on sheaths.

Deflection Handle Technology

APT EP Map-iT® Catheters feature a proprietary handle technology which allows for fine and precise catheter tip movements. Benefits include:

  • Easy and smooth push-pull deflection, for a less hand fatigue.
  • Ergonomic piston design to avoid “numb thumb” syndrome.


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