Reshaping the Standard

for Catheter Performance

Empowering Electrophysiologists to care for their patients with products that exceed expectations.

Upgrade your basic toolkit with modern devices that allow you to:

Easily reach difficult anatomical areas and small structures


  • Guide-Tip™ 3.3/4F catheters
  • CS Reach™ catheter

Perform precise movements to map efficiently


  • Offers flexibility, torquability and pushability
  • Smooth deflection

Navigate consistently throughout the full procedure


  • Catheters hold their shape and maintain torqueability and pushability through the procedure
  • PV catheters with tight curves and more than 180o deflection

Work comfortably for extended periods of time


  • Familiar deflecting thumb knob
  • Consistent performance throughout even long procedures


APT EP Map-iT® Catheters' Unique Features

APT EP Manufacturing Benefits

APT EP has developed a proprietary catheter shaft specific to APT EP Map-iT catheters that provides optimal torque, pushability and curve retention. The APT EP Map-iT catheter design and materials selection melds the inner and outer layers together, locking the wire braid between them and creating a composite structure that delivers flexibility, torquability and pushability performance that lasts throughout the entire procedure.

Map-iT Shaft Construction

Competitor Shaft Construction

Map-iT Shaft Response to Torque

Competitor Shaft Response to Torque

Electrode-Shaft Interface Technology

The APT EP Map-iT catheter electrode shaft interface is smooth by design. Raising the shaft material flush against the electrode edges makes a very smooth electrode-to- shaft transition. This results in no joints or glue on the shaft allowing the electrodes to make direct contact with the tissue to provide signals for the physician.

In the image above the arrows show the bumps created by the glue used to cover the sharp edges of the electrodes. Those bumps may prevent the electrodes from coming in contact with the myocardium resulting in reduced signal quality.

Deflection Handle Technology

APT EP catheters feature an excellent handle technology resulting in an easy and smooth push-pull deflection, for a less tiring procedure - potentially eliminating “numb thumb” syndrome.


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